Emergency help for the person you care for

If you care for someone who cannot look after themselves without your support, you may be worried about what you would do and how you would react in an emergency.


Always keep the phone number for your local GP handy. Out of normal surgery hours you will be redirected to SELDOC, a local service that provides cover for GPs after 6pm during the week and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays. Or you can phone them direct, out of normal surgery hours on 020 8299 2619, and they will advise you if the person you care for has medical needs that cannot wait until your surgery is next open.

NHS Direct

Phone for medical advice on 0845 4647.

Accident & Emergency

Phone Lewisham Hospital Accident & Emergency Reception: 020 8333 3041.

Emergency Services

In an emergency, ring 999 for immediate help from the Ambulance, Fire or Police.

Adult Social Care

In an emergency out of normal office hours contact the Out Of Hours Service on 020 8314 6000. A trained Social Worker will speak to you over the phone to assess the situation and help you to make emergency cover arrangements.

Planning ahead for emergencies

Forward planning can take the 'emergency' out of the situation for you.

The Lewisham Carers Emergency Alert Card

We can help you prepare a back-up plan to care for the person you look after in case of an emergency action.

If you are caring in Lewisham looking after a relative or friend who relies on your support, you could receive a Carers Emergency Alert Card.  This is a card that you can keep with you if you are out and about. It has The 24 hour response service number on it that you can call in an emergency.

If you were involved in an accident or emergency, the emergency services or others would use this card to contact the 24 hour alarm response service, making sure the person you care for is looked after.  By carrying one, ideally in your purse or wallet, you can be confident that, in an emergency, the person you care for won't be left without the support they need.

You will be given a card with the response centre telephone number and your ID number to identify your personal emergency action plan and the contact person you have selected who would be willing to take your place in an emergency. If you are not able to find anyone to take your place in an emergency, or they are not available when they are needed, the alarm response centre will make sure the person you care for is safe.

TOP TIP Store this number in your mobile phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency).

Useful contacts


Carers Lewisham
Address: Lewisham Carers Centre, Waldram Place, Forest Hill SE23 2LB
Phone: 020 8699 8686
Fax: 020 8699 0634
Web: www.carerslewisham.org.uk
Email: info@carerslewisham.org.uk


Age UK Lewisham
Address: 10 Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP
Phone: 020 7701 9700
Web: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/lewishamandsouthwark/
Email: info@ageuklands.org.uk


Lewisham Disability Coalition
Address: 2 Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP
Phone: 020 8314 1414
Web: www.ldcadvice.co.uk



You can contact any of the organisations direct but if you are still unsure the Adult Social Care Advice and Information Team will be able to advise you about planning ahead for emergencies. You can contact them from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 020 8314 7777. In an emergency out of normal office hours contact the Out Of Hours Service on 020 8314 6000.

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